We are your partners in making great buildings that meet international standards, and in a serene environment. We provide unique water-tight finishing and interior decoration products ranging from dual-purpose plaster paints to marbles and tiles, adhesives and natural stones. They have been used for several decades all over the world and are resistant to tropical weather.

The dual-purpose plaster paints come in three variants and, as the name implies, serve the dual purpose of paint and plaster. It is like coloured cement and works on any surface- block, brick, concrete, and even on plastered surfaces- with the paint being stable for 12 years while the plaster is better than the ones done with cement. They come in various colours.

We also use natural stones such as Brazilian stones, Sile stones etc for exterior finishing. This is aside tiles and marbles and their adhesives which are far more effective that the ones commonly used around.

Our products are water-proof, making them perfect for use in coastal areas and other regions that are easily flooded. Furthermore, they are suitable for interior and exterior uses and can be used for buildings that serve various purposes – residential, office, industrial, hotel/tourism, banking etc. They are already making great buildings in Lagos and Ogun states. 

The landscaping arm of our business perfectly complements the great buildings with beautiful trees, flowers and grasses to give you a serene environment.

We look forward to partnering with individuals, engineers, architects and estate developers throughout Africa.

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