• ·        Aglomar P
Stone-like look and feel. Beautiful coloured stone chips are projected on the mortar, leaving a rich stone hedge texture.

  • ·        Aglomar R
Regular look, smooth or rough, can be customized to your specification, including imitation of stone, bricks etc. The rough finish comes out like texcote only that the roughness is projected inward instead of outward.

  • ·        Aglomar F
This is like Aglomar R, only that its surface looks completely smooth with a beautiful sandy texture.

  • ·        Natural Stones
We stock various types of natural stones such as Brazilian stones, Sile stones etc.

  • ·        Fermaflex
A most effective adhesive for fixing tiles and marbles that bonds so permanently that the wall has to be broken for the tiles and marbles to be removed.

  • ·        Tiles and Marbles

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