1. What is the nature of the product?
Think of it as a coloured cement which is mixed ONLY with water prior to application (no sand).
  1. I am renovating my house. Can the product be applied on an already plastered wall?
  1. What if I decide to change the colour?
You can paint upon it at anytime.
  1. Where has it been used in Nigeria?
Contact us and we will refer you to places where it has been applied around Lagos and Ogun States. We have an agreement with one of our customers that will enable you go inside his house for inspection.
  1. How much does the product cost?
Each 25kg bag costs N3000 for Aglomar R while the Aglomar S variant goes for N3500. The stone chips go for N500 per 30kg bag.
  1. Is it easy to maintain?
Being waterproof, you can flush it with water when dirty or get us to clean it with a vacuum pump for you.
  1. How does its cost compare with cement plastering plus painting?
Moneywise it is slightly more expensive but the durability, protection, long term cost effectiveness and distinct look and feel makes it worthwhile.
  1. Can I apply it on my own?
Experienced masons who are already good in plastering can apply the product after a short training with us. The training is free.
  1. How much do you charge for applying the product?
N500 per square meter. 
  1. I wish to know more about the products?
We will arrange to show you our catalog and also give you a free DVD. Alternatively, you can visit for a video of same.
  1. Can it withstand our weather?
Yes. It has been fully tropicalised to withstand high temperature and rainfall.
  1. Can it be applied on ceiling/decking?
  1. My walls are usually damp with some whitish growth which also appears on my clothes. Can this product solve this problem?
You have humidity problem and our product is perfect for absolutely solving such. Our product is transpirable and does not trap moisture, leaving your rooms dry and cool while also protecting your properties.
  1. I can’t bear the cost of using it for the whole of my building?
Then you can use it only for the interior/exterior, or in some strategic places like the sitting room, dining room etc.
  1. Some paints contain harmful substances which give off harmful odours. Is your product so?
No, our product is absolutely safe! It has been rigorously tested and used for several decades all around the world.
  1. What about thermal stability?
It does not tarnish or trap heat that is, it is resistant to tropical temperature.
  1. Can it withstand direct impact?
It does not crumble or break easily when struck, for example, with a hammer.
  1. How soon can you complete projects?
We have a team of experienced personnel to ensure that your projects are completed on schedule. We deploy our equipment and personnel as soon as we are mobilized.
  1. What if I want another variant which you don’t have in stock?
We will order it from Spain for you provided your project requires a minimum of 200 bags.
  1. I love your product and I’m ready to use it. How can I know the quantity of Aglomar that my building will require? 
        We will come over to take measurement to compute the
      required number of bags.

  1. What is the cost per meter square of the applied product 
       It adds up to N3500 for Aglomar® R and N4000 for the 
       smooth type.

  1. How can I partner with you?
       We look forward to working with engineers, builders, 
       estate developers, property consultants etc all over the 
       country. We also seek the services of marketers and 
       distributors throughout the country.

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